😎Options Traders

Damn, I missed a theta arb on the market's gamma rebound, how will I balance my delta 1 calendar vega spread?

Options power users are users with a deep intrinsic knowledge of options. Thus, these users may expect and prefer discrete options opportunities as opposed to packaged yield instruments.

How will they use rysk?

Options power users can use rysk in a variety of ways. They can purchase options from any of the vaults, especially the dynamic hedging vault. These can fit into their proprietary strategies or can be used to sustain their portfolio. Really, the options are endless.


  • The dynamic hedging vault is probably the most exciting feature for options power users. They will have access to a brand-new place to trade options. Some options may even be underpriced due to the vault's preference, meaning traders can benefit from arbs and can get cheap long volatility exposure.

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