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Smart Contract Audits

Rysk's products have been reviewed and audited by security firms including: Dedaub, Trust Security, AkiraTech and Peckshield.

As with all smart contracts, the smart contracts are experimental technology and whilst best security practices have been followed there may be vulnerabilities in the codebase, do not provide liquidity that you are not comfortable with losing.

Rysk Dynamic Hedging Vault

Trust - Beyond Upgrade - June 2023

Trust x 100Proof - Beyond - February 2023

Audit Report:

Dedaub - Beyond - January 2023

Audit Report:

Trust - range order - December 2022

Audit Report:

Dedaub - GMX- December 2022

Audit Report:

Dedaub - Alpha - June 2022

Audit Report:

AkiraTech - Alpha - August 2022

Audit Report:

Rysk-Opyn Gamma Protocol

Peckshield - May 2022

Audit Report: https://github.com/rysk-finance/GammaProtocol/blob/master/PeckShield-Audit-Report-RYSK-v1.0.pdf

AkiraTech - August 2022

Audit Report:

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