💰Deposit and Withdraw

How to interact with Rysk User Interface to deposit and withdraw from Rysk DHV

To deposit into DHV you will need USDC on Arbitrum One so make sure you have them available in your wallet.

Since June 2023 there are two different assets on Arbitrum for USDC. DHV is currently accepting the Native USDC

Native USDC on Arbitrum:

To get native USDC you can bridge USDC from other chains or swap bridged USDC to native USDC.

Bridge to Arbitrum

If you don't have USDC available on your Arbitrum One wallet you can bridge them using one of the following bridges

Native USDC Swap

You can swap Bridged USDC to Native USDC using DEXs such as Uniswap.

Connect Wallet

To deposit into Rysk DHV you will need to connect your wallet. You can click the "Connect" button in the header to connect your wallet and start using Rysk.

You can choose the wallet you prefer from the popup.

Once Connected you can start using the Rysk App

Approve and Deposit

Go to the homepage or click the "Vault" link on the navbar to access the deposit page.

You can deposit USDC into the Rysk DHV by clicking the Deposit tab on the card.

You can input the amount you would like to deposit and click the approve button to approve the USDC. You can click the Unlimited Approval toggle if you prefer to approve an unlimited USDC amount. By default, the approval is limited to the amount inputted.

Once the approval transaction succeeds you can proceed to deposit into Rysk DHV by clicking the "Deposit" button.

Once the deposit transaction is confirmed you can see the deposited amount as "Deposits on hold", meaning your deposit was successful and your funds will start earning returns once the next epoch starts (usually every Friday).

At this point, your deposit is completed and you can check "your position" value to keep track of the returns generated on your deposit.


Make sure you have your wallet connected.

You can withdraw by going to the homepage or by clicking the "Vault" link on the navbar. You can then select the "Withdraw" tab on the card to start the withdraw process.

You can decide the percentage of your position to withdraw by clicking the scrollbar or by inputting the exact percentage on the input box on the right. Based on your selection you can see what is the estimated USDC amount you will receive on withdrawal. Keep in mind that the estimated amount is calculated on the current value of your position. Because your withdrawal will be initiated at this stage but could be completed only once the current epoch ends (usually every Friday) the USDC amount you will receive could actually vary.

Once you select the percentage of your position that you would like to withdraw you can click the "Initiate" button to submit the transaction and start the withdrawal process.

Once the transaction is completed you can see the estimated value of the withdrawal on hold that will be released once the epoch ends (usually every Friday).

Once the epoch ends the USDC will be released and you will be able to complete the withdrawal by clicking the "Complete Withdraw" button.

After the withdrawal is completed you will have USDC available in your wallet.

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